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A little bit about Sensei Dwight Bossong:

Sensei Dwight originally started training in Karate under his late father Carroll “Fuzz” Bossong in 1989 at the young age of 7. His father taught him the very basic principles of the Trias Shorei Ryu before he was allowed to train in a dojo. In 1990 Dwight joined Shorei Ryu Karate Studios in Bradley Illinois under dojo founder, Master Burley Wagner. This was the same dojo his father earned his blackbelt after years of training. During his under blackbelt years there at Shorei Ryu Karate he also was taught by Sonny Snejberg, Carl Southard, Val Saltsgiver, Paul Bradley, Al Swinford, Dave Stukenburg, Pete Sevin, and Master Wagners son Scott Wagner. This dojo was a very small Garage dojo, but one of the strictest and toughest known in the midwest. It has been heard that over 3,000 students have begun their training in this little garage in 40 some years, and only around a couple dozen actually stayed to earn a blackbelt.

Burley Wagners known instructors were Pat Wyatt, Phil Koepell, and John Keehan (Count Dante) all have known to have trained under Grand Master Robert Trias who Master Wagner also received training from. Burley Wagner was most remembered for his Incredible Prairie State Karate Championships held in Kankakee Illinois in the late 70s thru 1991, the last held in 1992 in his Memory, and his hunger for competition and fight promoting.

Sensei Dwight earned his Shodan, First Degree blackbelt in October of 1997 under the very difficult judging from Harry “Wolfman” Reid, John “SugarBear” Parrish, Pete Sevin, Paul Bradley, Al Swinford, Sonny Snejberg. Dwight was the youngest to ever earn a blackbelt from that dojo at the age of 15. Rules were you had to be 16, preferably 18 to earn your blackbelt due to size, maturity, and truly able to defend yourself against an adult.

Over the years Sensei Dwight continued to train an compete all over the nation, along with serving in the Marine Corps, and pursuing Christian Ministry, Careers in both Residential Construction as a business owner and in the culinary field.

Sensei Dwight also for a little close to a year between 2006-2007 spent time on Marine Corps Air Station, Iwakuni Japan as a civilian government employee and also taught Shorei Ryu to American military dependent children and Japanese children.

In 2018 Sensei Dwight felt the passion and desire to continue Burley Wagners traditional way of teachings along with GM Trias foundations and principles, and opened Shorei Ryu Karate Studios LLC in Rio Rancho New Mexico. Since its short time open, it has grown fast and many of students already have won state titles and National Point Champion rankings in the USAMA (United States Association of Martial Artists)

Sensei Dwight is dedicated to continuing his Art and Karate way of life to any who are willing to learn a Traditional Okinawan martial art, regardless of age, belief, sex, shape, physical or mental condition. In his 30 years in martial arts he has come to the belief that ALL people, can learn, practice, come to love and become proficient in the art of Shorei Ryu and Shorei Goju Karate.

Sensei Dwight Bossongs most current accomplishments:

5th Dan Blackbelt in Shorei Ryu under Peter Rabino, 10th Dan 

5th Dan Blackbelt in Shorei Goju under Dr Richard Fields 9th Dan, Shorei Goju (current mentor and personal teacher) and Kim Jin, 5th Dan Shorei Goju

Lifetime Member, affilliated sanctioned dojo with USAMA, United States Association of Martial Artists (Kyoshi, Sue Hawkes, in memory of Master James Hawkes) Note: without the mentorship of Sue Hawkes, and Dr Fields, Shorei Ryu would not exist in Rio Rancho New Mexico.

Lifetime Member, (member since 1993) affilliated sanctioned dojo with PKC, Professional Karate Commission (Grand Master Glenn Keeney)

NM State Representative for ASKA. American Shuri-Te Karate-Do Association ( Hanshi, Peter Rabino)

2019 Inducted into American Shuri-te karatedo Association International Societ Hall of Fame by GM Peter Rabino

2018 Inducted into Wagner Society (inducted by Peter Sevin 6th Dan)

2017, 2018, 2019 USAMA National Team Member

2017, 2018 USAMA National Point Champion- Blackbelt Mens Weapons Division

2017, 2018 Hawkes International nomination (not yet selected)

Future Hosting,

1st Annual USAMA Burley Wagner Memorial Championships 11/16/2019 Rio Rancho, NM. USAMA lead sanction and rules. PKC and NMSKA sanctioned


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